by Michael H.Levin, Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.

Introduced as a “Belt and Suspenders Ordinance”(sic), meaning without Ordinance P12-2010 there would be a source of embarrassment for the commissioners who have taken no action and are  passive observers; Ordinance P12-2010 fails and should be discarded as null and void because: the reasons for its introduction are unclear, undocumented, and stealthy, prohibiting either drilling or use of private groundwater wells for either potable or industrial purposes within a “certain area,” a large undocumented area, for: (1) any property within 300′ feet of a public water supply, (2) the area bounded by North Eagle Road to the west, West Hillcrest Avenue to the north, Darby Road to the east, and West Chester Pike to the south, (3) any property within a downstream area of a present or former automotive fueling station, (4) any private water supply which does not meet the standards of $91-045 to $91-47 of these General Laws.

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