As announced at an off-the-record Information Meeting held by EPA in Haverford on April 20, 2009, the Havertown PCP Site (NPL #542) will receive $5 Million from the Investment and Recovery Act of 2009 for renovations to the facility that treats groundwater primarily from the source area at the site as well as to excavate a 50′ x 50′ Recreational Open Space (ROS) area and a narrow zone of soil along an abandoned sewer line that carried contaminated water to it.  These funds will bring the total expended on this Superfund Site, one of ~1,500 such worst contaminated sites to ~$30 Million.  The funds are those that were applied for in the Fall of 2008; the Havertown site was one of over 50 nationally that received funding.  Yearly operation and maintenance (O&M) of the water treating facility are in addition to those funds and include frequent chemical tests, equipment replacement, etc., somewhere in the vicinity of $750-$1Million/year. (read more…)