Serious doubts that the future of this Superfund remedy at The Havertown PCP Site (NPL 542) is being analyzed correctly by EPA. The same questions have been asked for years and the same superficial unanalyzed responses have been given.

According to the EPA’s Project Manager, Jill Lowe, who took over as Project Manager of this Superfund Site in 2001 (it’s now one of her 7 active projects), she was handed the assignment by EPA to respond to the questions on the day before Thanksgiving 2008;  those questions were submitted in the Winter and Spring of 2008; they were finalized in June 2008. She also recently stated publically, “You will [just have to] be disappointed in me.” This is true. Why hasn’t another project manager who is familiar with wood preserver chemicals been selected to manage this site?  Jill Lowe is singled out because she has been the incompetent face of EPA’s Hazardous Waste Branch on this Superfund project since 2001.

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