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November 2007

Deer19 Nov 2007 01:48 pm

By Lois Puglionesi, Times Correspondent

HAVERFORD — Commissioners voted 6-3 Tuesday to table a controversial plan that would have spelled doom for deer roaming the Haverford State Hospital site.

Commissioners Larry Holmes, Carol McDonald, Mario Oliva, Fred Moran, Tom Broido and board president Stephen D’Emilio voted to put the brakes on preparations for a controlled deer hunt by police SWAT team sharpshooters during deer hunting season, Nov. 26-Dec. 7.

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Phila. Int. Airport07 Nov 2007 05:35 pm

by Michael H. Levin

Runway 17-35 is a north-south runway at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL); it is now being extended at the both ends for 600′ each; it will probably be completed late in 2008 and placed into service for landings and take-offs shortly thereafter.  It will provide service, depending upon the weather, for narrow body aircraft in the 50-80 seat range such as Embraer and Candair jets although the line between capacity of smaller regional jets and larger jets with greater capacity is blurring.

Runway 17-35 may not be strong enough to withstand use for wide-body aircraft; there is no reason for not using it for passenger flights as well as cargo; it could be used 24 hours of the day without restriction, although it would be expected to carry less air traffic during off-peak and night hours. 

Although newer, quieter jet aircraft are finding their way into the air fleet, this is relative to the altitude and a number of other factors; they are still noise generators, particularly at low altitudes, and don’t have effective pollution control to mitigate the combustion products of jet fuel, power boosters, and deicers of jet exhaust into the mixing zone below 3,000′ and to the ground where it is deposited along with particulates on land and water.

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