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August 2007

Phila. Int. Airport29 Aug 2007 11:05 am

Dear Congressman Sestak, State Representative Vitali and Candidate Landau,
News media continue to report daily on the woes of flying;flight delays for air travelers; 800 new parking spaces at Philadelphia International Airport presumably by Preflight; Avistar parking — an out of the area business not like to invest in the county, is expanding into Delaware County.  Pilots like Capt. Denny Flanagan take on the roles of pilot, announcer, barker, and ringmaster for U.S. Airways; those efforts take away from his control of the aircraft that he is saddled up with; the reason is flight delays and lack of coordination with ground control.  You wouldn’t want a comedian as a pilot if you found out he was in the captain’s seat would you any more than you would want an airstrip in your neighbors backyard?

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Phila. Int. Airport13 Aug 2007 11:19 pm

by: Michael H. Levin

Philadelphia International Airport’s bond ratings are up; it’s going to be necessary to fund about $365M for the building of 3 new international gates, redesign of the terminal F, the commuter concourse; improve terminal B-C baggage system; and some other capital improvements in the terminals and on the airfield.  US Airways may want Airbuses, not mid-size 757’s: so more tarmac space will needed.  Debt service comes from landing fees, rental income and concession fees, and some from tickets that passengers buy. The bond ratings are higher because interest and insurance on the bonds would be lower; the airport has increased its cash reserves and there is more stable revenue because a majority of passengers start and end trips in Philadelphia.  Where is this airport?  Philadelphia; 2/3 of it is in Delaware County.  What’s Delaware County getting out of it: good question; they have been a posturing and saber-rattling a putative lawsuit for months - if not years; a guess is they’ll fizzle when the moment of truth arrives despite saying there will be “no surrender” in the “fight” against FAA.  Are they posturng or bluffing?   

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