by Michael Levin, Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
August, 2006

Haverford’s commissioners have done nothing for ten (10) years to modify the course of EPA’s actions at the Havertown PCP Site – number 542 on the National Priority List (NPL) of over 1,200 worst contaminated sites in the nation – which they could have done at any time.

Presently, there are no geographic boundaries; contemporary representations of the contaminated plume and soils chemistry are unknown; no land planning in the vicinity of the site has taken place; health risks have not been thoroughly evaluated; remedy technologies have not been updated from old 20th century ones including a now 10 year old 30 mil cap about the thickness of 15  2 mil trashbags; and there is no environmental monitoring plan for the site or its vicinity.  All of this was stated in 1996 and remains unfulfilled.  EPA can not give positive answer to questions about the efficacy of over $13M invested in actions at the site.

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