by Michael Levin, Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
July, 2006

In April, 2005 a resolution was introduced requesting that EPA analyze nearly 5-years of monthly data to illustrate removal of pollutants from beneath the original part of the Superfund site at Lawrence and Eagle Roads, then to define water purity, draw conclusions and take mid-course corrective action before publishing a 5-year review of progress in August 2005. Each of Haverford’s commissioners were personally invited to ask questions before the 5-year review was published; the request was completely ignored.  The resolution has languished in limbo – neither debated nor tabled – since its introduction.  Similarly, EPA has made good use of the commissioners’ dithering by doing nothing to improve the Superfund remedy and, by the way, to reduce their costs of doing so in preparation to flipping the site to the State in 2013, if not before.  Rather than being in a “race to the top” to de-pollute the site, there is a “race to the bottom” to hand the site over to Pennsylvania where it could be peddled as a Brownfield with limited liability to the private successor at the site; the new owner could be immunized against legal action.  And the site would likely remain polluted because the costs of de-polluting the site would be prohibitive.  With this scenario in mind, the polluted site never “goes away” even though it is spread to both private and public land.  Now, who pays to clean up the expanded and chronic mess?   

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