by Michael Levin, Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
June, 2006

Three questions were posed to the Peter Schaul, EPA’s Region III, Director of Superfund Site Remediation, in order to determine progress and future uses of wood preserver sites with similar characteristics to the Havertown’s PCP site at the corner of Eagle and Lawrence Road.  For Region III only – a very limited sample –  Mr. Schaul reported arsenic and chromium were removed from Mid-Atlantic Wood Preservers , Inc. site in Maryland – listed about the same time as Havertown’s and about the same size — the site was then capped with asphalt and delisted from the National Priorities List.   A second site, Atlantic Wood Industries, Inc. site was proposed in 1986 and listed in 1990; originally, bioremediation and thermal desorption were proposed, but contamination similar to Havertown’s was more extensive and EPA changed plans and called  for a new feasibility study as of November 2005.  Conclusion: Two sites: the first is an asphalt lot, a second is subject to indeterminate remediation.  No mention is made of a further 100+ sites throughout the country, part of EPA’s wood preserver “working group.”

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