by Michael Levin, Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
November, 2005

On August 19th, 2005, the third 5-year review from 2000 to 2005 was prepared by EPA; it consists of a simplified 19 page narrative, 2 site maps, 1 chart showing 3 chemical substances (of the many tested for) 9 more uncharted tables of water chemistry, an incomplete list of 13 internal documents, an unsigned (once a month) NPDES discharge permit and an unsigned 5-year inspection checklist. The report should, but does not, contain a single reference or comparison to progress at over 107 other wood preserver sites subject to active investigation or remediation by EPA. Apparently, neither the state nor Haverford’s EAC has prepared a written critique of this milestone report that leaves a lot to be desired. On Wednesday and Thursday November 16 and 17, EPA wants to discuss – but not put anything on the official record – the status of the cleanup at the Havertown PCP Superfund site. EPA seems to think: a piece of polyethylene about 15 trash bags thick now covering the site will never, ever, become porous or allow hazardous substances out or precipitation in (despite widespread criticism of EPA’s own guidance document on the subject); on-site contamination downgradient from the site can be left in place (perhaps with deed restrictions or signs in the community) to be forgotten over coming years. Keep in mind that contamination runs downgradient and downstream. Additionally, in yet another screwball idea, one contaminated Ward reportedly thinks a swimming pool would be a good idea over contamination in an adjacent Ward.

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