Acknowledgement: Residents of Historic Herford Place, Yeadon PA 
A reference link to the former site which has been archived on our server is available upon request to those who are interested in a model for historic preservation. (Click here to request link)

In September 2001, Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital expanded its emergency department and relocated its ER entrance to an elevated area close to historic properties along Herford Place. The entrance was designed and constructed without effective barriers or enclosures to shield residents on Herford Place from undesirable noise and light originating from ambulance activity at the entrance. Residents are now exposed continually to irritating and distracting noises such as back-up beepers, squealing brakes, idling engines, slammed doors, loud conversation, noisy air-handling equipment, and noisy gas-powered leaf blowers. At night, the overhead lighting at the entrance bathes Herford Place with unwanted glare, and ambulance drivers frequently leave their headlights on and pointed directly at bedroom windows of private residences.

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